Healthcare Training & Development

Data analysis training for all levels of healthcare workers

We help all Healthcare Professional to become better data analysts

All healthcare professionals need to understand data analytics, even though their job title doesn’t say so!

Everyone in healthcare uses data in their day-to-day role. Entering data into an EHR; reading charts and graphs; using regular departmental reports; defining what needs to be reported and to whom; actually building reports for others to use. Data analysis pervades every aspect of healthcare and effective professionals must know how to use the results.

This is not about learning how to use tools. Software tools are critical, but this training is about the thinking that goes into using the tools to best effect.

Basic course:  Consumers of analysis need to understand what they are looking at and how to apply the insights gained.

Intermediate course: Users of more complex output need a higher level of understanding as well as the ability to describe new analyses that are needed.

Advanced course: Creators of analyses need to understand their customers’ needs alongside having core skills – especially critical thinking and analytical design.


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