Precision Medicine

Galileo Cosmos brings precision analytics to Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine requires that large data sets from multiple sources be brought together to facilitate analysis that will be pertinent to an individual patient. Although each patient is unique, they all fall into categories that can be used to identify the precise treatment most likely to result in the best outcome.

Cohort Validation

For precision medicine to work the analytics must be able to convert results at the cohort level into actions for the individual. Critical in this process is ensuring that the cohorts being used for research are clinically relevant at the individual level.

Galileo Cosmos has an advanced cohort management capability that enables highly flexible research alongside individual patient results.

Complex flow analysis

Precision medicine involves highly detailed analysis of diagnostic and treatment processes, often using data collected over many years, but sometimes data collected in just a few minutes. The analysis of these data requires a system that has a highly flexible and robust management of time.

Galileo Cosmos enables complex flow and sequence analysis, enabling quantification of population and individual level results for finely defined patient cohorts.

Algorithm Discovery and Validation

Precision medicine generates algorithms that are designed to improve care for the individual. Whether the algorithm was validated inside Cosmos or outside, Galileo Cosmos has the ability to integrate all types of algorithm at levels of data to support precision medicine.