Translational Medicine

Galileo Cosmos is a powerful tool in Translational Medicine

In Life Sciences you have lots of data and you’re already answering lots of questions. What about the questions you’re not asking? Spending millions of dollars on data to answer specific questions leaves you with a lot of data and a lot of additional questions – Galileo Cosmos helps you find the critical additional questions and answers that will add value to your business.

Combined Data Sets

Almost all translational medicine projects involve data from more than one source. Patient level clinical data combined with “omix” data, combined with population health data combined with clinical trial or research data. To get the very best value out of these data sets it is necessary to combine them to allow for analysis as a single data entity rather than running separate analyses and then attempting to combine the results.

Galileo Cosmos is designed to achieve this data combination.

The data can be held in different locations and combined remotely or co-located in the cloud. Cosmos deals with both, giving the researcher the opportunity to explore relationships that would otherwise not be visible.

Data privacy and security are protected at all times, even if that requires the establishment of additional layers of data to support different needs.

For example, in the case of the ASCO CancerLinQ prototype, where clear firewalls were required for the data that would be part of clinical decision support to be kept quite separate from the deidentified data used for purely research purposes.

Translational medicine is, a process in discovery and Galileo Cosmos provides the core capabilities to make that process work and those discoveries real.

Team Sharing

Translational medicine always involves members from different teams coming together on a project. To facilitate this Galileo Cosmos has been designed to let team members share ideas during the process of discovery as well as once the results are confirmed.

Using sophisticated security to ensure only approved sharing, alongside multi-layered access to ease the flow of information, Cosmos provides the key tools to make the translational process run as smoothly as possible.

Streaming Analytics

Completion of a phase of research in translational medicine frequently requires that constantly updated results can be viewed by other members of the team. Sometimes this is as part of a clinical decision support mechanism, others may be regular updates of risk factors. All this requires the ability to stream the analytics.

Galileo Cosmos has the capacity to stream any form of analytical result to appropriate team members – including where the incoming data are in real time.