Executing smart marketing and sales tactics requires deep knowledge of the target – here’s how Galileo Cosmos™ patient flow analytics facilitates that process…

Key Principles

  1. Tactical execution of sales and marketing plans is essential to product success
  2. Understanding how doctors interact with each other is a critical element
  3. Understanding how physicians react to complex patient flow is essential

Insights drive better understanding

Detailed referral patterns can be identified by exploring the sequence of visits, procedures, and treatments that patients experience. Patient flow analytics shows how the patient that visits the ER and is treated and stabilized may well then visit a family physician or specialist for follow-up that results in more treatment. Patients with chronic conditions are likely to interact with multiple physicians and each of these is an opportunity for treatments to be modified. Understanding this process is key to knowing how to approach different physicians.

Patient flow analytics describe this process.  By breaking these details down to the individual physician, patient flow analytics become an effective targeting tool. For example, most treatments in the ER do not show up on claims databases as a filled prescription but as direct treatment of the patient. Your patient flow analytics must be able to take this into account if your understanding of the referral pattern is going to be of real use.

Understanding that patients will, over time, interact with many physicians – even for the same condition – means that you can adjust your targeting appropriately. For example, a physician may regularly prescribe Abilify for their regular patients but will prescribe different drugs like Clozaril or Haldol when seeing another physician’s patient. If you don’t know this, you will put the physician down as a user of more than one drug when really they are a solid Abilify prescriber.

Insights enable targeted action

Critical insights come from being able to combine referral patterns and patient flow analysis. Being able to break out the different behaviors through patient flow analytics allows you to target more precisely. Resources that are more accurately targeted are more likely to be effective. The relevance of your targeting improves and certain patient types or certain physicians can be a point of greater focus or excluded from your action plan – because you know their behavior and how it relates to your drug.

Integrating data with targeting creates results

Bringing these data sets and analyses together in Galileo Cosmos™ lets you build a layer of targeting into your marketing and sales support that reduces risk and improves performance.

Galileo Cosmos™ gives you:

  • Detailed patient flow patterns by physician specialty to identify targeted patient cohorts
  • Detailed physician referral patterns by target patient cohort
  • An integrated approach to update, monitor and modify the targeting system

Galileo Cosmos™ is a novel tool that has been designed to support the complex tasks involved in effective patient flow analytics. Contact us to book your demonstration and a discussion of your specific needs.

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