Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp speaking on stage at the West Health Institute and ONC’s Health Care Innovation Day conference, February 6, 2014 

(Washington, DC – March 10, 2014) – Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp is the subject of an article posted today on by Forbes contributor Dan Munro.

The article highlights McCollister-Slipp’s work as an advocate for the need for medical device interoperability, standardized data formats and better data access through open APIs, among other things.

Munro features remarks that McCollister-Slipp made during the recent Health Care Innovation Day conference, sponsored by West Health Institute and the Office of the National Coordinator on Health IT.

In the article, McCollister-Slipp, who lives with Type 1 diabetes, highlights the urgent need for action. That section of the article is excerpted below.  To read the full article, click here.

“Everybody seems to think that it’s OK to wait another two or three years for this process to play itself out. In terms of the business or policy cycles that’s the current trajectory, but for those of us who live with this data dysfunction, two or three years can make the difference between going blind or dying in our sleep. It’s purely an issue of priorities and urgency and despite glowing rhetoric to the contrary – patient needs are nowhere in sight for manufacturers or policymakers.” 

Anna McCollister-Slipp – T1D Patient and Co-Founder, Galileo Analytics