(Boston, MA – October 24, 2014) – Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp today called on medical device manufacturers, hospital systems and electronic
health record companies to make their data accessible for patients and independent developers who want to help patients make better use of their personal health data. McCollister-Slipp made her comments during a presentation at the Partners Center for Connected Health Symposium in Boston, MA.

“I’m swimming in data that could provide critical insights into how to better manage my health. But, I’m unable to access the data in useful formats and combine the data streams to find patterns. As a result, this valuable data is mostly useless,” McCollister-Slipp said.

“From a technological perspective, this problem is easy to fix. We could do it this week or this month, if we chose to do it. But so far, we have lacked the political will to force or the corporate will to choose to make personal data access a priority.”

McCollister-Slipp, a type 1 diabetes patient, spoke on a panel with other patient advocates and experts on incorporating patient needs into the design of health care services, digital health and mHealth tools. Her comments echoed her recent article for the XPrize Foundation and Huffington Post titled “The Grim Reality of Digital Health Today”

More information on McCollister-Slipp’s panel is below:

Human Interoperability: Getting patients and providers on the same page

Moderator: Jack Barrette, WEGO Health

Pat Mastors, Patient Voice Institute

Anna McCollister-Slipp, Galileo Analytics

Patty Skolnik, Citizens for Patient Safety

Andrew Ziskind, MD, Huron Healthcare

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