(Washington, DC – April 4, 2016) –  Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp will speak next week at Translational Science 2016, the annual conference of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science, scheduled for April 13-15 in Washington, DC.

McCollister-Slipp will join a panel of expert researchers and entrepreneurs discussing the potential of digital tools to transform many aspects of clinical research and care, and the important ways in which digital tools can inform our understanding of and treatment for disease.

More information about the panel and the conference are below:

Digital Technology: Transforming Health and Healthcare

Thursday, April 14 1:15 to 2:15 pm EDT

Session Summary:

The goal of this session will be to discuss the current state of mobile health tools,  learn about new and upcoming wireless technologies to complement healthcare and evidence of efficacy behind their use. We will also aim to highlight the importance of policy to help enable successful implementation/application of these tools that is evidence based, while keeping patients safe. Empowering patients and the importance of the patient as a partner in their health in the digital era.


Jennifer M. Kwan MD, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago

Speakers & Topics

Steven R. Steinhubl, MD, Director of Digital Medicine, Scripps Translational Science Institute 

Evidence based use of mHealth technologies and how it can contribute to improving prevention efforts and health outcomes

Jason Hwang MD, MBA., Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Icebreaker Health, Co-Author, the Innovators Prescription

Use of mHealth technologies in novel healthcare delivery model: lessons learned, benefits and what to look forward to in the future of healthcare delivery in the digital age

Anna McCollister-Slipp, Co-Founder of Galileo Analytics and Chief Advocate for Participatory Research, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Impact of patient use of digital health devices and tools on engagement and impact on research in health outcomes.