(Washington, DC – March 6, 2014)  –  Galileo Analytics CEO Simon Fitall will join executives from three companies next week to make a presentation on multidisciplinary approaches to business development decisions at the Pharmaceutical Market Researchers Group (PMRG) annual national conference in Orlando, Florida.

The presentation, titled “Pharma BD – Little Time, little Budget, Big Decisions – a Multidisciplinary Solution”, will feature executives from four leading analytics and research companies, which in addition to Galileo Analytics includes Segmedica, Themis and Cegedim CSD.

Combined, the presenters will demonstrate how new analytics tools, data sources and techniques that will enable budget- and time-challenged business development executives to make informed decisions about high stakes in-licensing and acquisition decisions for their company’s pipeline and drug portfolio.

“Today’s pharma business development executives are confronted with an ever expanding need to make fast but insightful decisions about their company’s future products.  Getting it wrong could cost their company hundreds of millions of dollars. Most of the time, these executives have incredibly little time to assess the situation and make a “go” or “no-go” decision,” said Galileo Analytics CEO Simon Fitall.

“This presentation is designed to coach these participants on how they can use new data sources and analytical tools to ensure they are making the best decision possible for the future of their company.”

The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 11 at 11 am EST. The full slate of presenters includes:

Simon Fitall, CEO, Galileo Analytics

Greg Schlimm, CEO, Themis

Peter Simpson, CEO, Segmedica

Sue Grosso, Vice President of Sales, North America, Cegedim

More information about the workshop and the PMRG annual meeting can be found at www.pmrg.org.

PMRG members may view a videotape of the presentation through the PMRG virtual learning center.