Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp demonstrates Galileo Cosmos ™ at Health 2.0 7th Annual Conference


(Santa Clara, CA – October 2, 2013)  –  Galileo Analytics Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp today demonstrated Galileo Analytics’ visual data analytics platform, Galileo Cosmos™, on-stage at the Health 2.0 7th Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

McCollister-Slipp was one of four entrepreneurs providing on stage demonstrations in a session focused on the use of Health 2.0 applications to support health data research and clinical trials. The session and Q&A that followed were moderated by Bill Silberg of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

“We’re currently spending billions of dollars every year to collect, store and analyze data, and most of the data analytics platforms only allow you to scratch the surface of the potential insights that all of this data makes possible,” she told the audience during the demo.

“There are a lot of applications that enable you to ask the easy questions. Galileo Cosmos™ enables you to truly explore the data, using a visual interface to generate hypotheses and watch new patterns emerge as you go,” she said. “We need to move beyond the easy questions if we’re ever going to get true value out of the investments we are making in data collection and acquisition.”

This year’s Health 2.0 Fall Conference was the largest ever, with more than 2,000 attendees. The three-day conference featured an array of small startups and large companies alike, all focused on developing innovative tools and applications designed to improve the way we understand and treat health and disease.

In addition to McCollister-Slipp demonstrating Galileo Cosmos™, the session featured Harris Lygidakis, Co-Founder, Lumos!, Roni Zeiger, Co-Founder of Smart Patients, and Joseph Dustin of Medidata.

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