(Washington, DC – August 6, 2013)  Health Leaders Media today featured Galileo Analytics and Galileo Co-Founder Anna McCollister-Slipp in an article discussing McCollister-Slipp’s advocacy in support of better medical device interoperability and data connectivity.

In addition, the article quotes McCollister-Slipp as calling for greater access for medical and health researchers to the patient data that is already collected through EHRs, patient registries, clinical trial databases and medical device upload/download platforms, which is currently stored in silos and is largely inaccessible to researchers who hope to find new insights into how to improve patient care.

The article, which was written by Health Leaders writer Scott Mace, originated after the reporter heard some of McCollister-Slipp’s comments during a recent public meeting of the ONC, FDA and FCC’s FDASIA Workgroup, which has been tasked with advising the three Federal agencies on the best way to regulate health information technology to both protect patients and encourage innovation.

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